Player Pathway

Player pathway

Our expertise tells us that children develop at different stages. That’s why your child will have the chance to progress into the Academy at any age as long as we feel that they are ready and have the right skills. They don’t have to start in the Academy at 9-years-old to become an elite player.

There are two pathways through Doncaster Rovers training programme.

The Development Pathway is open to all and offers children the chance to develop to their full potential whatever their ability.

The Academy is our selective, elite programme offering the pathway to professional football at Doncaster Rovers.

The Development Pathway mirrors the Academy but with reduced programme and one or two sessions per week instead of three, as you can see below. At the heart of our approach to football is offering young players the pathway that’s right for them, from novice through to our elite programme, focusing on:

  • Developing each player’s strengths
  • Building confidence
  • Teaching individuals how to play as a team

Since the Development Pathway was set up in 2012, over 200 of our players have progressed into the Academy, with over 100 players signing full Academy contracts.