Do you have directions to the Keepmoat?

Please CLICK HERE for directions.

Where do I park when I get to the Keepmoat?

For all training, everybody should park in Car Park 2


Who do I contact if I want information?

Please contact ben.mawson@clubdoncaster.co.uk or the Doncaster Rovers Development Pathway on facebook

Is there a difference between Development Academy, Elite Development

At Doncaster Rovers, we believe that football is more than just a game. It has the power to develop a player’s confidence, social skills, creativity, athleticism and understanding of rules, structure and discipline. All players of every age and stage, no matter their reason for attending, should have the opportunity of an education through football.

Players in all groups are able to develop socially in a fun, safe environment. Sessions are delivered by expert, qualified coaches who boast years of experience and knowledge of football and more importantly how children learn.

Development Academy is a full ‘Academy Experience’. Players will train twice per week and play weekly fixtures during games phases of the season. Games will be against Academies, Development centres and local grassroots clubs. Players will be provided with Individual Learning Plans and support to progress into the DRFC and other local academies.

Can my son progress from Academy/Elite Development into the Academy programme?

Yes, the whole development programme, Academy, Elite are an integral part of our clubs recruitment process. Players can be identified from either programme directly into the Academy. Over the past 3 years, 90% of all players signed at Doncaster Rovers Academy have come through our development programme.

Is there a difference in ability between the Elite groups?

No, the only reason there are different groups is to offer a choice of days to train. For more information, please check our TIMETABLE HERE.

What does my son need to do to get into the Academy?

Every player within the development programme becomes part of our talent identification system. Any player who shows the level of performance or potential close to that of our Academy players will be offered an opportunity to train with the Academy. CLICK HERE to see our Academy Player Profiles.

If my son signs for Doncaster Rovers Development can he still play for his Grassroots club?

Yes, we encourage every player to continue to play and train with their grassroots club. CLICK HERE to download our grassroots club letter.

How much does the Development centre cost per month and what do I get for that?

The cost of training for Academy and Elite Development is £28 per month*. The programme runs for 10 months of the year with payments spread over 12 months to keep the monthly cost as low as possible. This price covers the cost of coaching/tuition.

*Initial and annual registration fee applies.

It’s a 1st team matchday, will training still be on? Where do I park?

Parking is allocated to Development centre members in car park 2 for every training session. Training will take place even when the 1st team are at home. (NB for certain cup games or local derbies this may change)*

How often will we get feedback on my son’s progress?

There are 2 formal review periods each year, December and May. Feedback in between can be gained by requesting an appointment directly with your son’s coach at a mutual time suitable to both.


Does my son need kit? How do I order kit?

Kit is optional for all development centre players to train. However, any player who wishes to represent the club in matches must purchase the Red & White replica home jersey and have plain black shorts and red socks.
One jersey per player registered is available from the club shop at a reduced price.
These must be ordered and may not be available to buy on the day directly from the shop.
To order training kit or match kit please go directly to the club shop who will take you through the full process.
The Development centre staff are not involved in the kit ordering or distribution process. Please instead email drfcclubshop@justsport-group.com


What are the expectations of me as a parent when my son is at Doncaster Rovers?

We hope to involve parents in the development process as much as possible. A player’s development is not the responsibility of our coaches or the player alone; it must be a collective, open and honest relationship where each person understands their role in the development process.

We are developing parent workshops for those interested in supporting their son/daughters development and the new Skills Passport is an opportunity for the Player and parent to join together to monitor and reward learning and achievement.

We have a firm belief that players should take responsibility for learning at any age and stage. Our coaches are challenged to design practices that will encourage decision making and that will encourage players to explore, make mistakes and learn from them.

Because of this we have in place a parent’s code of conduct which will guide you as to the behaviours we expect parents to exhibit. We strongly request that all parents limit instruction from the sidelines, not only can it create a negative environment but it doesn’t allow players to make decisions themselves and will slow down the development process.


Can my son be scouted for Doncaster Rovers?

Yes, although our main method for player identification is to work with grassroots clubs and coaches. We rarely deploy scouts to games especially outside our area.
Our main method of scouting players is through our development centre. To apply for a free trial at the Development centre email academyrecruitment@clubdoncaster.co.uk


My son is in the GK Academy, will he play games?

Each time the development squads have a fixture a GK is selected from the GK Academy to represent the club. Goalkeepers are selected based on merit and performance in the training sessions and will usually be notified during the week leading up to the game. NB. We do not guarantee that any player will be selected for a game, some may be asked to play but this is not part of the programme or tuition fee.

When is Goalkeeping for my son/daughter?

We have 2 evenings for GK sessions. Tuesday evening and Friday evening 5-8pm. Sessions are split by age group 5-6pm, 6-7pm, and 7-8pm. To join please contact ben.mawson@clubdoncaster.co.uk


What does my son need to bring with him to his session?

All players MUST bring shin pads and a drink. All players should also be in appropriate clothing for the weather and environment.
We ask that all players arrive at the changing rooms in training shoes and change into football boots. All players must bring trainers and boots to every session and match.

Can my daughter join your training programme?

Yes, we encourage all players to join and attend.


Will my son play games if he joins Doncaster Rovers?

There is a fixture schedule for all development groups. Fixtures are mainly scheduled on Friday evenings. Some games are arranged on Saturdays, these are for selected groups.

Does everybody play games?

We aim for each group to have a game once per block (6 weeks)*. We do have a fixture programme; players are invited to take part in the games on a weekly basis as part of the Development Academy. However, this is a training programme and fixtures are not guaranteed.

This does not include Goalkeepers. GK coaching is training only.

Is there a fixture list for my son’s age group?

There is a fixture list which is shared with the coaches. Coaches will inform players and parents of fixtures with 2 weeks notice.