Brilliant Basics. Love of the Game

If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far you can’t hear them any more

Every young person that plays football is influenced by multiple factors that impacts their development. From obvious influencers such as their parents and coaches to wider societal factors like other sports and national culture, there are many things that we need to be aware of when working with children.

Our aim is to inspire children to love the sport, play into their adult life and reach the highest level of which they are capable. In order to do that we must ensure that the child is the focus when designing programmes and training sessions.

Individual(s) and team behaviours emerge from interactions with their environment. Therefore it is important that immediate influencers of the child such as teammates, coaches, managers and parents are conveying a consistent message to the player.

Our vision is to build a community focused, nationally recognised in player development pathway that creates opportunities for all players to succeed in life on and off the field as intelligent and respectful young people.

We will achieve this with clear objectives, a sound and innovative training model and uncompromisable values

the person

We strive to support the development of young people who have characteristics and traits to succeed in and away from the football field. We value hard work, humillity and a growth mindset.

the player

Our focus is always on the player developing an understanding of the key components of the game. We will provide opportunities for all players to learn and grow on the field.

the club

We will work together as coaches, players, and parents to create a club that we can be proud of. On and off the field we will represent the club in the best possible way. DFA will become a nationally recognised club and leader in our field.

the network

We will create a pathway and full time education programme that will allow our players to start at grassroots, progress into Elite development and continue onto Professional or full time education if they so wish.

What we believe in

Teaching & Learning, not just playing and winning

Concentrate on a players strengths

Teach young players the importance of honesty, respect and good moral values

Games at the heart of practice and delivery

Team as an important part of the learning process

Design the right game or practice. Make it realistic to age and stage

Encourage and promote the importance of team in every scenario

Include direction and offside (or elements of it) whenever possible

Create an environment that promotes curiosity, imagination and competition

Set the right challenge (s) and task (s) to focus players learning linked to their individual needs

Ask questions that don’t necessarily require answers but make players think and support the challenges and tasks

Send out the right messages by way of verbal and body language

Praise players effort and intent

Encourage players to push their boundaries and experiment through trial and error + trial and success

Teach players to honestly evaluate their performance through the action review process of what went well, even better if, change next time