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“At a young age winning is not the most important thing… the important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence.”

Arsene Wenger


To become Elite is the pinnacle of any professional career.

We believe that becoming Elite is a journey that everyone can take. Elite: is a Goal, is behaviour, is a mindset. We aim to guide all young people to achieve through football and in their education and professional career.We embark on a pathway to professional(ism) with each of our students with an ambition that we can support their growth and development and guide them in what it takes to become Elite.

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Our Success Stories

Charlie Pinder

Liam Fowler

Charlie Bulmer

Patrick Maistru

Arthur Jones

Ben Murray

Corey Barnes

Corey McCombe

Ellis Till

Freddie Dale

Fynn Hill

George Smith

Harry Kitching

James Bell

James Murray

Jariyah Shah

Jessie Adams

Max Hartley

Tom Butler

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Doncaster Elite Football Academy is open to all players from 6 – 16. Our aim is to develop the person as well as the player. Your child can find their place in football, wherever that may be. We call it Football for Life.

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