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Intelligent football training designed to support the development of a players character, confidence and ability to learn.

Every element of our training model is designed to encourage players to become curious and inquisitive, to discover solutions to challenges presented by opponents in the game.

Through engaging sessions, supported by our excellent coaching team, young people will combine enjoyment of the game with development of mind and body thereby producing a dynamic, innovative and competent spirit

By providing sound guidance and quality leadership, we aim to become the leading youth football academy in the United Kingdom.


Our Values


We will deliver a dynamic and engaging training model designed to create curious and inquisitive players. Players who can read the game and find live solutions


We are an inclusive organisation that treats its staff and members fairly, equally and with respect


We will promote and instil our values. Creating a safe, honest and transparent learning environment.


the person

We strive to support the development of young people who have characteristics and traits to succeed in and away from the football field. We value hard work, humillity and a growth mindset.

the player

Our focus is always on the player developing an understanding of the key components of the game. We will provide opportunities for all players to learn and grow on the field.

the club

We will work together as coaches, players, and parents to create a club that we can be proud of. On and off the field we will represent the club in the best possible way. DFA will become a nationally recognised club and leader in our field.

the network

We will create multiple pathway’s and a full-time education programme that will allow our players to start at grassroots, progress into Elite development and continue onto Professional or full-time education.

Non-Linear Development

This is a major principle in the design of the program at all age groups. There is a lot of research to demonstrate that selection of players into an EFL Academy setting pre puberty is inconsistent and results in a loss of talent potential. As many as 80% of players selected at 8 years old are out of the EFL system by 14. A program which has a potential for players to be released can create unnecessary stress and anxiety.

It is the aim of the club to establish and deliver a program for development to keep players active, provide a challenging and professional environment, a competitive games program and above all an education that will allow each player to develop an understanding of the game they need in order to enter the Elite phase at the right stage.


Our aim is to inspire young people to love the game and attain their maximum potential. Our programmes and training sessions are designed to ensure that the (student or child) is the focus of our objectives.

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A vibrant community club with a player-centred approach. We embrace the strengths of each individual, values of fair play, respect and a passion for the game of football.

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Modern methodology

Our programme encourages players to: Seek effective solutions with Vision, Precision, and Pace.
We provide Intelligent football training designed to support the development of players with Great character
Ability to learn
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We are located in Doncaster

Doncaster Football Academy is open to all players from 6 - 16. Our aim is to develop the person as well as the player. Your child can find their place in football, wherever that may be. We call it Football for Life.

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