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Elite Football Academy’s Mission is to educate, innovate and inspire people to live successful, healthy and active lives through sport. Accepting that making mistakes will happen is an important part of the learning process

There is no need to have a manager yelling instructions at players from the sideline.

Instead create a coaching environment where players are guided and taught to see the game, understand situations and make their own decisions with confidence in the learning process.

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What we believe in

Teaching, learning+ playing = success

Concentrate on a players strengths

Teaching the importance of honesty, respect and good moral values

Playing games at the heart of all practice

The team is an important part of the learning process

Send out a positive message with verbal and body language

Praise players effort and intent

Encourage players to push boundaries and expect mistakes

Playing Philosophy

At Elite we believe the best way to secure victory is to establish a high energy, enthusiastic, offensive style of play through which our teams establish a majority of possession 51%+ and place teams under continued pressure with the ball whilst sustaining pressure through a counter press regain strategy and desire to have the ball and occupy/dominate space on the pitch. Our teams will at minimum match the energy and enthusiasm of our opponents at all times.

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