When you play a match it is statistically proven that players actually have the ball three or four minutes on average.
The important thing is what you do during those 87 minutes without the ball. Football is a brain game, where to run, when to run, when to cover, when to press, when to move, how to move. Its decisions like these that come from the brain that determines whether you’re a good player or not.

Johan Cruyff

At DFA we believe in attacking, dynamic, possession-based football. Our methodology follows a style of football that has led remarkable teams to unrivalled success. Our training methods develop players capable of playing the game skilfully and intelligently with creativity and flair. Every training detail leads us to play in a variety of systems that does not limit the education of players to one personal preference or requirement of personnel.

Learning is achieved through ambition, dedication, and resilience. With this in mind our learning model presents challenges which will most suit the creative and inquisitive mind. Our players learn proactively and reflect honestly. We understand that learning is a process with error at its centre, which is why we encourage and nurture perseverance in all young people. We are educators first and our task is to nurture young people who are curious & inquisitive, who are able to make decisions for themselves and are of great character, confidence and ability to learn both on and off the field.

Characteristics of Elite players

Mentality (Confidence) Intelligence (Cognition) Ability to execute Physical Attributes Character
Curious & Inquisitive
Adapts to changing game situation
Able to receive and play with balance
Use their personal attributes to their advantage
Able to meet the demands of the game
Demonstrates the values of the club
A leader on and off the field
Interacts positively with teammates, coaches and officials