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Game Model

In Possession

Control of Possession

Out of Possession

Offensive style of play
Occupy space on the pitch, Stick to a plan – not a random
Pressure – desire to have the ball
Possession – we want to have the ball. = 50% + per game
Play with depth in the back – defenders lots of space.
Win it back quickly – Defend in diamonds – Win back inside 3 passes
Offensive football – Generate space through possession of the ball
Maximum width and depth
Organise around the ball – ‘lock on’ – 3 team forced recoveries per 1/4
Create numerical superiority.
Players threaten last line of defence.
Be active off the ball and alert – understand their job.
Repeat passes to draw opponent – expose space. 3 angles always.
Pass diagonal
Teach players to: Triggers: 2 negative passes, bad touch, bad pass, player facing own goal
Play outside to inside – create space in centre of field.
Pass ball to break lines
If we can’t or don’t have pressure on the ball – drop and expect the ball behind
Creative football – score goals, attack 1v1s, inventive and supportive
Don’t pass for nothing
Send players outside. If not possible to send outside, don’t let them inside.
Blind side run. Run behind them
Forwards push away on a diagonal
If there is pressure on the ball – create angles
Counter Pressing – Strategy for winning the ball back quickly.
Counter Pressing – Strategy for winning the ball back quickly.
Keep the ball in the centre of all attacks (support outside of the ball left and right)
Organise in space to surround the ball – stop forward progress. Don’t over commit to win the ball.
Closest player chases until opponent faces forward – surrounding players ‘lock on’
Throw ins. Always throw to players feet.
Pay attention to the furthest player. Find highest available pass