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At Elite we provide coaching that
complements grassroots coaching.

We allow access to our high level professional coaching to all players.
Players in the Elite Development programme do not have to commit to competing for Elite teams and can share the benefits.
Players can progress through our pathway from Development in to Academy.

why are we elite?

Becoming Elite is a journey. An end goal. A mindset! The challenges, falls and successes we face every day give us the opportunity to develop an Elite Growth Mindset.

If we focus on what we can control and act with confidence it can help navigate life with the mental strength and/or coping strategies to overcome adversity, control anxiety and celebrate each success as it happens.

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To be elite we must:

Work Harder

Eat Better

Run Faster

Feel Stronger

Average Mindset

Elite Mindset

Makes an excuse
Focuses on what you can control
Sees confidence as a feeling you can’t control
Knows Confidence is an action
Uses the phrase “have to”
Uses the words “get to, want to, can I and I can.”
Focuses on how they feel
Focuses on how you act and what it takes to get it done
Says it’s impossible and I can’t
Makes it happen
Feels sorry for themselves
Supports others when in need
Sees failure as final
Sees failure as feedback and remembers what went well
Focuses on what they can’t control
Adds the word ‘yet’ to anything you haven’t achieved
Allows emotions to dictate their actions
Displays confident body language

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