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At Elite we provide coaching that complements grassroots football.

We have a passion for learning and development and wish to create the same high quality, professional environment for both boys and girls. We provide Yorkshire’s ONLY professional coaching centre that complements grassroots coaching and is open to all young players without invitation.

We understand that player development is a long term process and do not cater simply for early developers and allow access to our high level professional coaching to all players. Players in the ETD do not have to commit to competing for Elite and can share the benefits of weekly coaching, learning and education.

Emerging Talent Identification at Elite is done by assessment of a players current performance and future potential based on 4 key qualities:


Intelligence (Ability to learn)

Pace / movement skills


These are the key areas that we assist with development of for all players.

Our Elite Emerging Talent Development centre provides all players with:

UEFA Pro, A & B Licensed Professional Academy Coaching

Player Focused Training Programme

Positive Learning Environment

Over 35 Years Developing Youth Players

Pathway to University and 1st Team Football

Periodised player progress discussions to discuss strengths & Areas for Development

Focus on success for each player and what that looks like.