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The Importance of community sports clubs in society.

Sport helps to build communities through social inclusion and a sense of connection; it also helps build families through shared experiences. Sport and recreation provides the catalyst for community gatherings, from small functions to major events, where people play, talk and share experiences.

Importantly, it has a positive effect that reaches many levels of our society. It is an important thread that ties our social fabric, experiences and shared achievements. Community club football is at the heart of our game in the UK and as the largest grassroots participation sport in England, football has a unique opportunity to positively influence the community and the individuals within. The extraordinary growth in female participation in the modern era has changed the face of football in England.

Why do we do this?

Respect and Integrity are the foundations of all good, successful people. Innovation ensures we are learning and developing skills and experiences for today and for the future.

Through Sport we will encourage and develop a long lasting belief, ambition and holistic Education that champions a growth mindset, Energy & Enthusiasm for success.

What we do?

Our purpose is to provide high quality education, activity and life skills for all people to live a successful, healthy and active life.

We want to inspire people to be ambitious, to feel empowered & believe they have the skills, confidence and physical capability to become entrepreneurs, professionals or gain employment and become successful in their life.

We will enable people to RIISE with the skills, relationships and values required to overcome the barriers they face.

As a multifaceted organisation we offer a wide range of physical and educational sporting activities and experiences.

Our educational offer is both formal and informal combining formal teaching/qualifications with enabled learning through doing, mentoring and hands on experiences. Working with a range of local providers we also deliver yoga and mindfulness activities delivered by a number of experts we have with our organisation.

Junior Leaders

Our junior mentor programme gives us a platform for young people to enhance their leadership qualities.

This gives young people aged 10+ an opportunity to share experiences with peers with the same interests whilst gaining hands on experience of officiating, facilitating activity, planning and adapting to change.